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Half Man Half Octopus books are perfect for even the most reluctant readers. They contain funny stories, doodles and activity ideas. 


The books have received hundreds of excellent reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


They are available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. Check them out via the links below.

The Stick Man With a Big Bum 


The Stick Man With a Big Bum books are popular with all ages. Eric Trum, was drawn with a large bum and he was rather shocked about this when he came to life in the first book, 'The Stick Man With a Big Bum.'


He still manages to have a great life though, and each story interweaves an intriguing plot with Eric trying out various new activities. 


If you like, you can try out some of the activities too, as all the instuctions are included. Yippee.


Suggested age group 7-12+

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The Stick Man With a Big Bum Doodle it Yourself Book

'The Stick Man With a Big Bum Doodle it Yourself Book is jam packed with activities for you to do.


The only equipment you need is a pencil, and once you've got that you're ready to go.


Eric himself will guide you through drawing activities, doodle prompts, quizes, comic making pages and epic lettering skills.


It's the best fun you can have with a book and a pencil.


Suggested age group 7-107

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Maggie Moore

There are three books in the Maggie Moore series and each book is a diary about one school year in Maggie's life.


She has a habit of getting into awkward situations and there are plenty of embarrassing moments along with the funny and heartwarming ones. Her parents are rather strange which doesn't really help, but at least she has her three best friends and her diary.


Suggested age group 7-12

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Arthur Klump

When Arthur Klump climbs through a mysterious hole in his new bedroom wall, he doesn’t expect there to be a whole other world through there.

Join Arthur and his friend Jonny as they meet the world’s only resident, a living pencil.

Lonely Mr Pencil gives them a bag, ‘take this back to your own world,’ he says, ‘and whatever you put in it will appear here but changed in some way.’

The two friends travel between worlds, adding items to the bag, and are amazed by the incredible changes. A butter tub becomes a car, and a flower becomes a huge look-out tower, but can they find an item that will become the perfect friend for Mr Pencil?

Suggested age range 6-27.5

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