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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt

Half Man Half Octopus began life in 2012 when the Maggie Moore books were released.  Since then it has grown to incorporate the Stick Man with a Big Bum and Arthur Klump books. 

More recently, we have branched out into adult and YA books.  This is an exciting new venture which we can't wait to share with you. 

An Introduction to Some of our Authors

Eric Trum

Eric Trum is a stick man with a rather large bum.  He loves trying new things, writing, and hiding his bottom.


He is rarely seen in public as he tends to hide in Jonny Staples' pocket when out and about.



Firna Rex Shaw

Firna Rex Shaw lives in Yorkshire in the UK. She can often be found in her garden with a pen behind her ear.  She also enjoys travelling. Her favourite places to visit are the Lake District, Scotland and Kowloon..


When she's not writing she enjoys reading, expecially books by Paul Jennings, John Wyndham and Kafka.


She also enjoys pottery, gardening and cups of tea.

Jonny Staples




Jonny loves researching interesting things to do.  He also likes taking his funny red van out and driving to random places for a holiday. (He never know's where he's going until he gets there.)


He aslo enjoys socialising with his friends Eric Trum, Jeremy Mothballs and Firna.



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